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October 30 – November 5: Halloween Yoga

Halloween Yoga, really?

🎃 Wear a low key costume on the 31st!🎃

Yes! I love halloween, and so I figured maybe this week, we could step onto our mats in the spirit of playful celebration.

Halloween and yoga have an awful lot in common (stay with me!)— they both encourage us to look at identity differently. One of the key questions yoga helps us answer is “who am I supposed to be?” — a question not unheard of at a costume contest.

If you could use a dash of play, maybe let halloween be a reminder that joy and fun are essential ingredients in our lives. You can just wear all black and be a ninja. Also, send us your halloween costume photos (off the mat haha) and let us stick them on the insta!

🎃 Wear a low key costume on the 31st!🎃

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🎃 Core Strengthening: Nothings scarier than navasana, rught? And describing Cat Pose is never more fun than when you can say “round your back like a season appropriate spooky, halloween cat.” — a favorite joke from a favorite yoga teacher.

🎃 Pumpkins for Pratyahara? Layer on an element of pratayahaaa with your pranayama– a breathwork practice that mirrors the rhythm of a flickering jack-o’-lantern, bringing calm and mindfulness.

🎃 Gratitude for the Harvest: Embrace the symbolism of the harvest season and express gratitude for the abundance in your life.

Dress up, let your inner child run wild, and discover how yoga can bring a touch of enchantment to your life.

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