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  • December 4-10: Mindful Holiday Shopping
    🛍️ Amidst the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, we invite you to infuse mindfulness into your consumer choices. “Mindful Holiday Shopping” week encourages you to pause, reflect on your purchases, and consider their impact. Let’s explore how conscious consumerism aligns with our yogic values and can bring greater meaning to the season of giving. … Read more
  • November 27 – December 3: Yoga for Winter Wellness
    ❄️ Winter is a season of reflection, restoration, and renewal. As the days grow shorter and colder, it’s essential to nurture our well-being. Join us for “Yoga for Winter Wellness” week, where we’ll explore yoga sequences to boost your immunity, meditation to find inner warmth, and tips for staying balanced and healthy throughout the winter … Read more
  • November 20-26: Thanksgiving and Gratitude
    As we gather with loved ones and share in the spirit of thanksgiving, let’s remember that gratitude is not just a fleeting emotion; it’s a practice that can enrich our lives every day. This week, we delve into “Thanksgiving and Gratitude” on the mat and in our hearts. 🧘‍♀️✨ Let’s explore poses that open our … Read more
  • November 13-19: Nurturing the Self: Yoga and Self-Care Week Is Here!
    Unwind and Reconnect: Join Our Yoga and Self-Care Week! Embrace a journey of self-discovery from Nov 13-19 with Michael Joel Hall’s special series. Dive into Restorative Yoga for deep relaxation, explore gentle asanas for nurturing self-compassion, and master the art of meditation for inner peace. Delve into the power of self-reflection through journaling and find equilibrium with balancing life practices. This week is your sanctuary for recharging and reconnecting. Embrace your worthiness for love and care. Step onto the mat and transform your routine into a profound self-care experience. Your journey to wellness starts here!”
  • November 6-12: Is It Officially Winter When Street Sweeping Ends?
    As we approach the holiday season, the Yoga Club has some exciting updates. Street sweeping concludes on October 31st, bringing relief from parking restrictions. Plus, on November 5th, we gain an extra hour of rest as daylight savings ends. There’s also a new class on the schedule: join us for a guided 1/2 and 1/2 at 5 pm. Your yoga practice can be your sanctuary during this busy time, and we’ll have self-practice at the shala from November 23rd-27th. Check out our articles on pranayama, stress reduction, and more. We’re here to support your well-being this holiday season.

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