Led Intermediate Series

This dynamic and challenging session builds upon the foundation of the Primary Series, taking you deeper into the traditional Ashtanga practice.

Led by an experienced instructor, this counted class will lead you through the precise sequencing of postures, breath, and movement that characterizes the Intermediate Series. You’ll flow through a series of asanas (postures) designed to enhance strength, flexibility, and balance, while also delving into more advanced poses.

This class is suitable for dedicated Ashtanga practitioners who have a solid understanding of the Primary Series and are ready to progress in their practice. It’s an opportunity to let go of baggage, deepen your breath awareness, and cultivate the meditative aspects of yoga.

Join us for this invigorating and transformative journey through the Ashtanga Yoga Intermediate Series.

Prerequisites: Prior experience with the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series is strongly recommended. Please consult with our instructor if you have any questions about your readiness for the Intermediate Series. Having an understanding of appropriate modifications if a great idea.

The event is finished.


Oct 09 2023


9:00 am - 11:00 am


The Yoga Club
1418 14th ST NW


Michael Joel Hall
Michael Joel Hall

I’m a yoga coach.I help people use yoga to enrich their lives. I’ve worked one-on-one with hundreds of students, studied and taught all over the world, and I’m just as passionate today as I was 20 years ago. I’m a level 2 authorized Ashtanga yoga teacher and a certified functional movement specialist. My mission is to educate and empower folks with effective tools and systems to live a more fulfilling life. I use my experience with yoga to do just that.

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